Transform Your Life!

Transform Your Life!

www.theChrisPowellChallenge.com The Chris Powell Bod•ē Transformation Challenge is a revolutionary, easy to do, weight loss program designed help you reach your weight and fitness goals. Give us 12 weeks, and we'll give you a whole new you! This program was created to meet your needs.

You can start the challenge any time at little or no additional cost!

If you're one of the millions who have tried and failed with conventional weight-management products and programs, you're ready for the Chris Powell Bod•ē Transformation Challenge. Designed to enhance your life, not restrict it, Chris Powell Bod•ē Transformation Challenge sets you up for success right from the start, with exclusive access to:
  • Free Bod•ē  Mobile App
  • Online Bod•ē Trainer
  • Daily Notifications and Video Tips
  • Social Media Support

Get Your Free, Award-Winning Vemma Bod•ē App

Just as if Chris and Heidi were your very own personal trainers, they'll coach you through every step of your transformation with this free, award-winning Vemma Bod•ē App.
  • 84 daily video tips from Chris and Heidi
  • Up to 6 daily text reminders to keep you on track
  • Tells you when and what to eat
  • Motivates and inspires

Available on the App Store Available for Android

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